PwC’s Oscars flop may not do long-term damage to its reputation – Los Angeles Times

It’s a dream job for those who normally toil in obscurity poring over rows of dry financial statements and complex tax returns. But for giant accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, its handling of the balloting process for the Academy Awards suddenly turned into a public-relations nightmare. One of the two accountants in charge of Oscars vote counting mistakenly […]

She’s On Her Own With Remy –

Nicki Minaj‘s ex says Nicki took a major hit from Remy Ma … and she shouldn’t count on him to help her recover. We got Nicki’s ex-fiance and producer Safaree Samuels leaving the gym in L.A. … he says Remy’s lyrics are some of the most disrespectful he’s ever heard — possibly a one-punch rap battle knockout. […]

Oscars 2017 updates: Jimmy Kimmel explains what happened on stage and the Academy officially apologizes – Los Angeles Times

All of the original song nominees were performed during Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast, with Justin Timberlake performing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the movie “Trolls” kicking off the night. During the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda set the stage for Auli’i Cravalho, introducing the “Moana” star with an original rap before she sang “How Far I’ll Go.” Oscars 2017 updates: […]

Casey Affleck’s Oscar Win Confirms Harassment Allegations Aren’t Disqualifying – Huffington Post

When men of color face allegations of harassment or assault, the story is more complex, and they are more likely to be held accountable. While Bill Cosby spent decades allegedly assaulting women without consequence, in 2016, resurfaced allegations of rape from actor and filmmaker Nate Parker’s days at Penn State made sure he was shut out […]

SpaceX Moon mission extends Elon Musk’s ambitions – BBC News

SpaceX Moon mission extends Elon Musk’s ambitions – BBC News

Image copyright SPACEX Image caption Artwork: The Dragon capsule was designed from the outset to be capable of carrying crew Elon Musk, it seems, loves nothing more than to spin plates. When most of us might be looking to lighten the load, he’s piling on the ambition. The serial entrepreneur’s latest gambit is to fly […]

Watch LIVE: giraffe giving birth at zoo in upstate New York – FOX 61

HARPURSVILLE, NY —  Waiting for childbirth can be a real pain in the neck – particularly when your neck is about 7-feet tall. A livestream of an upstate New York zoo’s giraffe has captivated watchers since it went up Friday, but there’s still no sign 15-year-old April is about to go into labor. When she […]

Sunday’s Annular Solar Eclipse: First Reports – Sky & Telescope

Sunday’s Annular Solar Eclipse: First Reports – Sky & Telescope

Clear skies prevailed across Patagonia in South America, providing intrepid eclipse-chasers with beautiful views of February 26th’s annular solar eclipse. The folks who predict weather have an oft-repeated mantra attributed to science-fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein: “Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.” So even though promising cloud statistics (60% chance […]

NASA To Send Solar Probe To The Sun In 2018 – Tech Times

Strides in technological advancement have allowed humans to send spacecraft to the moon, distant asteroids, and planet Mars, but is it possible to send a probe to the scorching hot sun? Apparently, yes, and it may happen as early as next year. Objectives Of The Solar Probe Plus Mission In 2018, NASA plans […]

Scientists: We Shouldn’t Bring Back Extinct Species – Gizmodo

Scientists: We Shouldn’t Bring Back Extinct Species – Gizmodo

Life, uh, finds a way (Image: Jurassic Park/YouTube) Earlier this month, the media was abuzz about “de-extinction,” after Harvard scientist George Church claimed we’d be able to grow a (probably non-viable) wooly mammoth embryo in the next few years. But, in the words of Jeff Goldblum playing Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park: “Your scientists […]

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