Wal-Mart launches new front in US price war, targets Aldi in grocery aisle – CNBC

Reuters conducted the price comparisons in Dubuque and Davenport, Iowa, and Moline, Dixon and Galesburg, Illinois. At each, Reuters collected prices for a basket of 15 similar-sized products including private-label packages of butter and milk, along with branded items like Crest toothpaste and 2 liter-bottle of Coca-Cola. In some cases, Wal-Mart’s prices were as much […]

Wall Street sees Trump rally coming to an end – The Hill

Wall Street analysts are pumping the brakes on the Trump stock market rally. Experts are adjusting their expectations of how long it will take for President Trump to follow through on campaign promises to unlock domestic investment and cut back on regulatory red tape. Stocks have rallied since Trump’s election, with the Dow Jones Industrial […]

Do What Warren Does, Not What He Says – Seeking Alpha

Do What Warren Does, Not What He Says – Seeking Alpha

Warren Buffett’s letter with the 2016 Annual Report of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A) (NYSE:BRK.B) came out Saturday morning. I rushed to open and read it like so many millions of investors to hear the pearls of wisdom from the “Oracle of Omaha.” Clearly Mr. Buffett, along with Charlie Munger, rate at the top of the heap […]

JC Penney to close 130 to 140 stores, sales dip – MarketWatch

Add J.C. Penney Co. to the growing list of American retailers that will shrink to survive a shift away from traditional stores. The 114-year-old chain, which had avoided mass closings despite years of losses, said it would shut as many as 140 of its roughly 1,000 stores by June. The company said it was […]

Image Issues at Uber Again – Huffington Post

From day one, Uber has had a target on its back because it provides a product that many believe is superior to established taxi and shuttle services. Many users love Uber because it provides a more convenient, easier-to-use, and often less expensive way to get from A to B. As expected, these advantages have incurred […]

5 Roadblocks Donald Trump’s Economic Plan Could Face In Congress – Fortune

Steven Mnuchin proved a smooth, persuasive salesman for the Trump economic manifesto in his first television interviews as Secretary of the Treasury on Thursday morning. But his ideas clash with the agendas of powerful Republicans in Congress. To win the backing of the Capitol Hill crowd, the former Goldman Sachs honcho will need to display […]

3 First Impressions From Tesla’s Q4 Report – Seeking Alpha

3 First Impressions From Tesla’s Q4 Report – Seeking Alpha

Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) fourth quarter and 2016 full-year results were finally released Wednesday afternoon, missing estimates by a relatively small margin. It’s hard to believe that only seven weeks ago, Tesla announced that they had missed their fourth quarter and 2016 delivery guidance. Given the miss, the assumption was that the stock would likely trend downwards […]

Fed Officials Not Losing Patience Fast Enough to Hike in March – Bloomberg

Fed Officials Not Losing Patience Fast Enough to Hike in March – Bloomberg

The Federal Open Market Committee is preparing to lose its patience, but probably won’t do so in time to raise interest rates next month. For just about all of last year, U.S. central bankers found reasons not to hike until they finally did in December. The committee wants to shift out of this ultra-gradual mode, […]

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