Not home? Walmart wants to walk in and stock your fridge – WAVY-TV

NEW YORK (AP) — Would you be OK with letting a stranger into your house for the sake of convenience? Walmart is testing the idea with a new service that lets a delivery person walk into your home when you’re not there to drop off packages or put groceries in the fridge. “This may not […]

Uber only has itself to blame for London license loss – TechCrunch

The tech industry’s over-processed supply of irony might not be enough to service all the ramifications of Uber being stripped of its London license by the city’s transport regulator. Uber advocates were immediately scrambling to bust out the reactionary clichés — painting the regulator as “anti-innovation” and claiming London is now ‘closed for digital business’. […]

Installing solar panels on your home could become more expensive – 89.3 KPCC

Installing solar panels on your home could become more expensive, depending on how President Trump responds to a decision Friday by the U.S. International Trade Commission. The ITC found that low-cost, imported solar panels from China and other countries have hurt two domestic manufacturers. They are Georgia-based Suniva and Oregon-based SolarWorld. […]

Uber Loses License to Operate in London – New York Times

A ban on operating in one of its largest markets would certainly hit Uber’s bottom line. The company said it had 40,000 drivers and 3.5 million customers in London who used its app at least once every three months. Mr. Khosrowshahi, in a Twitter post on Friday afternoon, acknowledged that Uber was “far from perfect” […]

Creating Test for Trump, Panel Says Imported Solar Gear Hurts US Firms – New York Times

The decision was a rebuke to executives in the American solar industry who had argued against the legitimacy of the case. The Solar Energy Industries Association has argued that the petition filed with the commission by the companies was “deeply flawed” and that bad management, not trade injustices, had brought on their problems. The association’s […]

How Uber’s Tumultuous History in London Resulted in It Being Banned – Fortune

Transport for London, the city’s transportation authority, on Friday effectively banned Uber in the capital after determining that Uber London Limited “is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator license.” It was a stunning decision (one that Uber plans to appeal) and the latest twist in what’s been an especially rocky road […]

‘Unfit’ Uber stripped of London license – Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – London deemed Uber unfit to run a taxi service on Friday and stripped it of its license to operate from the end of next week in a major blow to the U.S. firm and 3.5 million users in one of the world’s wealthiest cities. The capital’s transport regulator said the Silicon Valley […]

Trade panel puts solar tariff decision in Trump’s hands – Politico

President Donald Trump has not weighed in on the case so far, though his administration has re-opened the landmark NAFTA agreement with Mexico and China. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images By ERIC WOLFF 09/22/2017 11:28 AM EDT A federal trade panel declared Friday that surging imports of solar panels have hurt U.S. manufacturers — a decision […]

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