Jerry Lewis, Hollywood survivor, showman, dies at 91 – ABC News

Jerry Lewis epitomized what it meant to be a survivor in Hollywood. Through ups and downs in popularity, health troubles and weight fluctuations and the sorts of seismic shifts that take place over decades in the entertainment industry, Lewis always figured out a way to battle back, to reinvent himself, to stay relevant. It’s what […]

‘Hitman’s Bodyguard’ is No. 1, as ‘Logan Lucky’ Disappoints – New York Times

“Logan Lucky,” which Mr. Soderbergh released through Bleecker Street Media, cost about $29 million to make and was financed by preselling foreign distribution rights. The cast and crew worked for scale to keep the budget down, with profit participation if the film succeeds. Mr. Soderbergh raised the marketing funds by selling a portion of nontheatrical […]

This season of Game of Thrones feels like fan fiction – The Verge

Game of Thrones fills a specific need in our pop culture psyche, holding a similar appeal as shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. These are TV series that are so dark, filled with characters so miserable, that they make real life look bright and cheery in comparison. In Game of Thrones, new characters […]

Jerry Lewis, Nonpareil Genius of Comedy, Dies at 91 – Hollywood Reporter

He dominated show business with Dean Martin in the 1950s, starred in ‘The Bellboy’ and ‘The Nutty Professor,’ hosted the Labor Day telethon for decades and received the Hersholt award. Jerry Lewis, whose irrepressible zaniness and frantic creativity vaulted him to stardom as a comic movie star who wielded unparalleled green-light power at Paramount in […]