US bombers stage North Korea show of force

Image copyright US Pacific Command Image caption The bombers staged a show of force close to North Korea’s east coast US bombers have flown close to North Korea’s east coast to demonstrate the military options available to defeat any threat, the Pentagon has said. It said the flight was the farthest north of the demilitarised […]

Catalonia referendum: Madrid moves to take over local policing

Media captionWhy some Catalans want independence The Spanish authorities have moved to place all policing in Catalonia under central control to stop the disputed independence referendum on 1 October. Col Diego Pérez de los Cobos has been put in charge of Catalan and central police forces in the autonomous region. The order was justified as […]

Donald Trump: LeBron James calls president a ‘bum’ after Steph Curry comments

Donald Trump: LeBron James calls president a ‘bum’ after Steph Curry comments

LeBron James (right, pictured with Steph Curry) last season surpassed Michael Jordan as the NBA’s record post-season scorer Basketball star LeBron James described US President Donald Trump as a “bum” over comments he made about fellow player Steph Curry. Trump said the Golden State Warriors were no longer invited to the White House after star […]

Soul singer Charles Bradley dies aged 68

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bradley, seen on tour in June 2017, before the sudden cancellation of his winter tour Charles Bradley, a soul singer who found fame in his later years, has died from cancer aged 68. The former James Brown impersonator, nicknamed “the screaming eagle of soul” released his first album No […]

China limits oil trade to North Korea and bans textile trade

Image copyright AFP Image caption Petrol prices are on the rise in Pyongyang China has moved to limit North Korea’s oil supply and will stop buying textiles from the politically isolated nation, it said on Saturday. China is North Korea’s most important trading partner, and one of its only sources of hard currency. The ban […]

Iran tests missile despite Trump pressure

Image copyright EPA Image caption The Khoramshahr missile was displayed at a military parade on Friday Iran says it has successfully tested a new-medium range missile, in defiance of US President Donald Trump. The launch of the Khoramshahr missile, which has a range of 2,000 km (1242 miles), was shown on state TV. It is […]

Miss Turkey stripped of her crown over coup tweet

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Itir Esen (C) has lost her crown, and runner-up Asli Sumen (L) will take her place The winner of Miss Turkey 2017 has been stripped of her crown after one of her past tweets came to light. Itir Esen, 18, had shared a post referencing last year’s coup attempt, […]

Russia: Trump and Kim are like ‘children in a kindergarten’

Image copyright EPA Image caption Mr Lavrov said the exchanges were “like when children in a kindergarten start fighting”. Russia’s foreign minister has likened the war of words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to a kindergarten fight between children. The North Korean leader earlier labelled Mr Trump “mentally deranged” and a “dotard” after Mr […]

McCain torpedoes Republican Obamacare repeal plan again

Image copyright Getty Images Senator John McCain has said he cannot support his fellow Republicans’ latest effort to repeal Obamacare, dealing it a potentially fatal blow. The Arizona senator, who is battling brain cancer, said he “cannot in good conscience” vote for the new plan, which President Donald Trump backs. Mr McCain said it was […]

Puerto Rico dam bursts in wake of Hurricane Maria

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Floodwaters from Hurricane Maria have destroyed homes in Puerto Rico and knocked out the island’s electricty A dam has failed and caused “extremely dangerous” flooding on Puerto Rico’s Guajataca river in the wake of Hurricane Maria, authorities say. The National Weather Service (NWS) said buses were “currently evacuating people […]

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