PM inspects flood prevention in Ninh Binh province

pm inspects flood prevention in ninh binh province hinh 0

He checked the Hoang Long River dyke which protects Ninh Binh city and National Highway 1A from the rising river and asked the locality to work out plans for rescue operations, evacuation of residents and flood discharge. 

The province was also urged to stay vigilant and keep a close watch on dykes, dams and reservoirs.

Northern mountainous provinces and part of the central region have been inundated due to heavy rains. 

The death toll climbed to 29 people as of 5 pm on October 11, and 21 others are missing, with nine people in Yen Bai and five in Hoa Binh, the National Committee for Search and Rescue reported.According to Dinh Chung Phung, Vice Chairman of the Ninh Binh province People’s Committee and deputy head of the provincial steering board for natural disaster prevention and search and rescue, the provincial leaders are considering allowing flood water to overflow sections of the dyke to prevent the dyke from breaking. 

PM inspects flood prevention in Ninh Binh province

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