Storm Doris screams through the UK and Low Countries –

When a storm is expected to develop potentially damaging winds, the UK Met Office now gives it a name. Storm Doris was one such which deepened explosively on Thursday.

It thrashed the west coast of Ireland, bringing gusts of over 140 kilometres an hour. The centre of the storm headed east, bringing severe gales to Northern Ireland, Wales, central and southern England. A tree-lined avenue in Northern Ireland which featured in Game Of Thrones has been damaged by the storm.

Winds gusting frequently to 100km/h felled mature trees and disrupted road, rail, sea and air travel. Power cuts were caused to thousands of homes in a swath from Northern Ireland to Suffolk as winds brought branches on to power lines. Some 77 flights were cancelled at London’s Heathrow airport. The Port of Liverpool was closed as the seas became rough in the severe gale.

To the north of Doris, snow proved a greater problem, especially in Scotland’s Central Belt. Major roads were brought to a standstill, including the M80 motorway.

Doris reached maturity as she crossed the North Sea and stopped getting worse. Nevertheless, severe gales swept the Low Countries, northern Germany and Poland. The cold air brought down this storm will sweep down through Scandinavia dropping temperatures, especially in Finland and the Baltic States.

Storm Doris screams through the UK and Low Countries –

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